A Concept Designer Story.



Do You know who is a Concept Designer?
It ‘a professionist with a natural predisposition to Problem Solving, that never stops to think, plan, design, create … continuosly identifying solutions around.

Because Concept is all about! Concept is the starting point of any project, IT is the idea that underlies every aspect of my work and it does not matter what I am doing, the brand of a company or UX / UI software: it is Concept that makes the difference.
That’s the flame, the creative spark that innovates my ideations seamless.


I am a Creative & Art Director, Creative Problem Solver, Web Specialist, User Interface, User Experience & Multimedia Designer and I learned to shift easily from the web to painting, from publishing to software, from art to IT.


Design Thinking

I have been working on a little bit of everything: not because along the years I have not been able to specialize myself, but because, after I honed a skill, I aimed to challenge myself with another, another and another.
And thanks to this permanent challenge to myself, this contamination of hemispheres, this fusion of many different work experiences dictated by my innate curiosity, I found the way to bring creativity into logic and the art into the rule, providing cross-discipline solutions.

It’s All About Intent

Eventually, I only wanted to increase my experience … and I ended up having in my hands a “Super” profession!
I dealt for long time with Publishing, Magazine, publications of various volumes, Leaflet, Brochures, DVDs, Amaray, special editions and many other exciting publishing projects!

I realized Brand Restyling for and looked after important clients, following their whole communication, never underestimate any aspect.
Web, Mobile, IPhone, IPad, BTV, Software, Digital Television Applications and Social Media: Nothing is left to  chance and everything is conceived and developed from the wireframe to final layout because no interface, analog or digital, can be independent from the User Experience .

Mood Board

Look at my zooming presentation and find out who I am!!



My latest branding project.
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Risk Premium

My latest UX/UI Project.

Paraphrasing a musical that I deeply love: Five hundred twenty-five thousan Six hundred minutes. How do you measure – measure a year? In daylights – in sunsets, in midnights – in cups of coffee, In inches – in miles, in laughter – in strife. How about the job? Do you measure life in the job?
No, sorry .. I can just measure it in love.

hrs of Work

Calculated on an average of 11 hours of work per day for 18 years .. that’s not bad !!!

hrs of Sleep

If you divide by the years of work … well, they are not that much.


Satisfied Customers

Without calculating clients I followed on behalf of third parties, this number is related to the companies I worked for or advised, and clients I took care as a freelance.

Cup of Coffee

Calculated on the average of 3 per day before becoming freelance, lucky enough after that I have not drunk more than one per day.

The Lost Art of Design is Making a Comeback.