Lighting design e genius loci. È su questo binomio che si fonda la seconda edizione del concorso CLUE. Scegliere uno spazio interno o esterno, di qualsiasi scala e progettare un’illuminazione che sappia rispettare lo spirito del luogo: è la sfida rivolta a studenti e professionisti.

The CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) competition expects to further position itself inside the larger community of lighting professionals and continue on the route of being an internationally recognized leader in the design community. Therefore, CLUE has set itself the goal of encouraging and challenging young designers such as students (University Colleges) and emerging Professionals (

The theme of the competition is “Lightius loci spirit of light“.The second edition of the CLUE competition invites you to think about the spirit of a place where light does not escape the genius loci design principle. Candidates should choose a place without limitation of scale, location, inside and outside, and provide a response in line with the local reality. Proposals will be evaluated primarily according to relevance of the lighting plan in relation to the selected location and context.

Prizes will be awarded on merit by an international jury composed of professionals in the fields of design and urban planning.

1st prize: $5 000 | 2nd prize: $2 500 | 3rd prize: $1 000

The competition is sponsored by Philips.

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CLUE - Community Lighting for the Urban Environment - Concorso di lighting design

pubblicato in data: 26/09/2015